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Monday, March 16, 2009

Ginger Leppard

Hey rollers,

I have confirmed some dates... [ish]

I am now DEFFO out on a small UK Tour during the first two weeks of MAY this year with GINGER.
[see previous posts]

I don't have venue details as yet, or know what the band will be billed as, or know exactly how many gigs there are, or on which exact dates!

I DO know that the line up will be Ginger, Big Jase, Denzil, and Eddie Eyeball, [along with yours truly] and I have seen a tentative set-list, which has me singing a lead vox or two, and features some GREAT songs from the Gee man and the Wildhearts both.
Much fun and unnecessary segue-ing is anticipated by all. We are busy learning parts, and will pull it all together in a couple of days rehearsal nearer the gigs.


Joe Elliott and Co. have been back in touch, and further to my studio stuff on the new album last year, I am gonna do the guest number, and play "Love and Hate" LIVE with LEPPARD on a couple of dates in June.

The first is the new arena in Dublin. [I haven't been yet but J.E. sez it's proper smart, and "like an Irish O2"] There's a couple of thousand seated just in the balcony apparently, so It sounds quite plush.
The second, a few days later is what used to be called simply 'Donnington' when I were a lad... It's called The Download Festival now of course.
[which I've never done either, so that will be nice!]

Good ol' Lepps. I luvvem. Brothers to a man and PROPER old school talented.

I promise to post the actual dates and venues when I have them.

Stay healthy and happy till then if you can.

the freak xx

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