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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Facez Faeces

Sum1 who shall remain nameless wrote me an e-mail asking what was happening with The Facez! As if I hadn't been posting stuff, like the live dates, and other trivia on here. This blog is more to do with Decent Pie and The Maniac than any other extra curricular actvity that The Pieman or myself might be getting ourselves into, but as I had an actual request for info, and I have a couple of stoopid photos to show ya, here goes.

First off I gotta get this offa my chest. We do this gig at 'The Sands' which is a club you've never heard of near Lincoln in a li'l town called Gainsborough.... I gotta show u this picture:
Here we have a FRAMED notice for the artists attention, and below is a picture of 'the rider' in question; that is, two jugs of squash and a bottle of water. This was off the back of being told off rather haughtily by a minion for sitting at 'the wrong table' during soundcheck, and being informed that our free meal [we had driven over 100 miles to get to this gig] was now gonna cost us £3.50 a head. It's these petty little tyrants that keep life on the road so very interesting, dontya think?
After performing rather brilliantly for a smallish crowd who were being grossly overcharged for their tickets, drinks and meals, I asked to speak with the owner of the venue. You may have guessed, me being me, I had one or two issues which I felt obliged to bring to his attention. Well guess what? I couldn't speak to the guy... Why not? He was on vacation in the Caribbean!
Wonder where he gets all his money?
Actually, all wankers apart, I have to say that though I never wanted to play in any sort of tribute band, I thoroughly enjoy doing gigs with The Facez. I basically love the band members, and very much enjoy the pissed up rock 'n' roll ethos that was started by the original bunch of 'guyz that walk into a bar'. We're managing to keep it alive and well at all our shows thank you very much, and whatever happens everyone seems to leave with a big smile on their chops. We even recently played a 'roof concert' in Brum... [see the 'lone drummer' pic... although I think that's actually the bass player] We do definitely have it large on the gigs. The craick is fierce and I've never laffed so much as on a Facez night so, long may they continue!
Here's a pic of Harry decent Jr. [aged 5] Playing an axe in the shop downstairs after the roof gig... Hendrix or wot!
L&P 'the freak' xx


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