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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Now I Really Know What It Feels Like

OK everyone... hope you didn't miss me too much

Those who know me personally will be aware that I have had the scare of my life over this summer break.
My beautiful wife almost died due to complications from ... of all things Chicken Pox.
She was critical for 10 days, and at one point was given a 30-40 % chance of survival.

I make no apology for not having posted until now, it has taken this long to get over the trauma, and be able to speak/write about this.

I am happy to report that my beloved Sara is now over the worst and on her way to a, hopefully full recovery.
We are going on a short vacation to help her convalesce.

One of my oldest band member friends, of over twenty years standing, and an incredibly talented guy was buried this week also, having finally succumbed to lukaemia. Andy J you and your massive talent will be sadly missed mate.

I hope I never see another summer like this one, and would like to wish you all health and happiness until I return at the end of the month with the latest news and gig lists.

I will try to find the strength and spirit to write more about these and other experiences then...

For now I'll leave you with a paraphrased quote from Robert DeNiro;

When asked 'Do you believe in God' he replied...
No... but if I die and he's real, he's gonna have a fuck of a lot of explaining to do.

Thanks Bob... couldn't have put it better myself.

Love and Peace
The Freak xx


Blogger Fructedor said...

Hi there Dick Decent

I dig your song - fucking good singing, man. I logged on to you from RI because I wanted to see who Zappa Freak was. I grew up in Brum and played Dudley God knows how many times and locations - all over 'the Black Country' as it used to be called. This was in 19 hundred and frozen to death.

I'd like to send you a couple of songs, since you say you're in the music business. Is that OK?

Also - I can sympathise with your anxiety about your wife - it seems the Whooping Cough is back with a vengeance, like many of the old lung diseases, TB and stuff - strengthened no doubt by years of arm-wrestling with antibiotics, they're back for Round Two. One of the guys I play with caught a dose and passed it to me this summer - it fucks you up, and I have heard it can be very serious for adults. I'm glad that she's OK - we men would be in serious shit without the good woman. I don't know about you, but fazmily is the root of all the good stuff.

Best wishes - and let me know how to get the songs to you if it's cool to do so.

6:27 pm  
Blogger Zappa Freak said...

Hi M8
So sorry I have been out of circulation for a while... Only just got around to the blog...

Sara is fine now thanx.

If you want to mail me songs that's fine. Squash them down as smallish mp3's and you can mail me direct from the homesite here

I couldn't find an easy way to message you on this blogger thing so I hope you check back.

the freak xxx

7:45 pm  

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