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Friday, October 03, 2008

Allan, Ernest and Chad... We Love You In The World

It's been a god long time since I've been inspired enough, and/or had the time to post but ffs!
Tuesday night the Saft Tay Shirt Co. had a works bash down at the Robin. We went to see Allan Holdsworth's trio play, and the night started out great and just got better from there. Davey [The Pie] wasn't gonna be
able to get there thru teaching commitments, but then at last, he decided to drive down. The place was comfortably empty enough to get a brilliant position [seated right Yin front of big Al] and so Nige-Piece, Rhine and the Decent one commenced to drink and be merry havin a right laff waitin for the big moment.

No sooner had we raged into the third round when Sid and Leroy [of the old 'shap'] appeared. Having not seen the boys for about a yonk [approx. 8 years] this was hearty news, and more alcohol and THC was thence imbibed.
Could it get any better...? Well... frankly, yes... MUCH better.
You see then Allan, Ernest and Chad walked on...

I can't really describe the gig, words just wouldn't be anywhere near. I can only say that on a personal level, I had forgotten what kind of thrill and fulfilment one set of music could provide. The commitment and artistry was beyond compare from Mr. Holdsworth, and Ernest and Chad were more than worthy allies.
Suffice it to say, some greatness ensued.

Yet Further Excitement

Then, sprinkling some fairy dust on the bastard, Allan was man enough to venture forth into the Robin bar [Robin bar stewards!] in search of ale, and we basically ended up chattin, smokin' with, and eventually as these things go, hugging and bonding with one of the greatest genius' of the guitar to ever walk the earth. The guy was so open and friendly, and charitable with his time, it was a pleasure to share it with him.
We talked a lot about Gary Husband. His amazing interpretations of Holdsworth AND McLaughlin, are something we had in common, and they are truly inspired and matchless things when all's weighed. Allan was quick to genuinely and tenderly effuse about Gary on all levels, not just the musical, but the music's there... and BOY is it there!
Although Gary is of course in the unique position of having played [a LOT] with both these amazing people, the sheer audacity of an attempt on raw-real-live piano still makes me smile inside. Until you hear the albums, then you understand.
We talked, we drank, we smoked, we laughed, we reminisced, we celebrated absent friends.
When I think about all The Things I See, it truly was A Meeting Of Spirits.

Sleepin' Stan

Course it was rightly The Pieman that ended up in the best photo's, [mostly while I took 'em] but the close up below of Al's nose, actually does picture the THREE of us having a group hug! [a bit of my crust is in the middle]

This post would be unfinished however, if I didn't mention Stan, or 'Sleeping Stanley' as he was to become known.
The gig had finished when I noticed a guy, a few rows across from us SOUND ASLEEP in his chair. I had just witnessed one of the greatest live music experiences of my entire life, and this guy was actually ASLEEP!
Later, after the gang had spent time enloying a wonderful, fruitful, three-fag discussion outside the venue with Allan, and just after he'd fooked off in search of beer, and we were leaving for the car, Stan appeared.
He'd missed all the action ...AGAIN!
He was tired. He kept going on about Jimmy Johnson [the wrong bass player] and so we knew for sure that he'd fallen asleep BEFORE the gig even started!
We gave him some T.L.C. and a lift to Dudley Bus Station. We arrived about 20mins. after the last 'bus had gone, and the trains had stopped too, [England... ffs!] so we took him to the cab rank.
All the way Stanley and Pieman had been amazing each other with gigs/artists they had seen playing live, and at what age. We were raucous and alive the four of us, and The Piece and I sat in the front laughing litening to Stan and Dave screaming,
"aahhhhhhhhhhhhh! ; -but wot abaaht this one then ay?.... Carlos Santana -when I was 12 -in The outer Hebrides ..."
or some such thing.
I kept telling him to remember 'decent pie' so he could look us up and mail us, but I knew he'd never remember, not in a Mr. Berwell lifetime.

Oh sleeping Stan, wherefore art thou?

...and thank you Mr. Holdsworth, thank you very much inDEED.

more coming...
Keneally exclusive, and E no.'s dates...

Stay frosty

the freak xx

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