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Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Between Here's My Discography

Hello rockers,

Someone was asking me the other day about my recording history...
I'm not very good at keeping records/copies of stuff I've worked on.
There's a lot been forgot, and many things I played on and never heard after the session.

Still I have been persuaded to list what I can remember so:

My Discography

Some mists of time/scary early stuff here first...
(Energee/Showaddy-Waddy [really!]/Alvin Stardust [honest!]/Natasha
June De Cruze/The Easter Island Heads/Sally Hope/Linzi Morgan
Simon Morgan... Hi Si xx
Studio 'C' Project/Shanxy... Hi Kate xx
Gez Woodroffe/Robbie Blunt/Mick Abrahams/Clive Bunker....
and on and on with many others far too humorous to mention)

Stable Sessions/NCP
No Commercial Potential LIVE /NCP
Tattooed Monkeys/DecentPie
Sucked Into The Tusk/DecentPie
The Cybernauts LIVE/The Cybernauts
Tattoos and Alibis/Ricky Warwick
'The Nine'/Decent Pie Project
World Of Filth/Howlin' Willie C*nt [Ginger]
Love many, Trust Few/Ricky Warwick
Closer Now/Decent Pie Project
The Wildhearts/The Wildhearts
Live on iTunes/Def Leppard
'Repertoire' The Maniac Live/Soapstone Maniac
The Stars Dance Bright Soundtrack Album/Decent Pie Products
Market Harbour/Ginger
Songs From The Sparkle Lounge/Def Leppard

Most 'outside sessions' comprise Keys and Vox, [usually backing/harmony vox, tho' I get some Lead vox on "Harbour"]
I have had more freedom under Joe Elliott's executive production and been allowed the freedom to be myself on the tracks, same with Ginger really, adding ideas to the form and playing other stuff like percussion and brass.

Any stuff that didn't get a standard commercial release
is available from Decent Pie

I realize this list is crap on detail and no good for the real info hounds but it's all I got right now. I may edit year/label info in as we go... or make the list into active links if I get the time, and don't lose the will to live.

Otherwise you can always e-mail me from the homesite for specifics

second half of 'Crepuscular' coming soon

stay frosty

the freak xxx

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