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Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Bush

On or about the 20th April, The Maniac played a secret warm-up gig at a little hostelry 'up the back of Dudley' known as The Bush. It's Dave's local, and we can often be seen in there drinking Hanson's mild with a Barley Wine in it!!!! [aka a pint of Wild]

It was nice to see Nutter there, and especially nice of Floyd to show up and donate to the cause. Jim and I were extremely grateful of the lift he gave us!

It was certainly an experience playing the Maniac material to a bunch of unsuspecting Black Country folk, who probably thought they would be hearing the usual string of boring covers. [No we don't play Mustang Fookin Sally] The reaction was varied and VERY positive.

Nige-piece and Mike [Essex] had their humour and music bones tickled at the same time, and the expression on the faces of the audience when we did our fast-normal-slooow weirdness at the tail of 'No man Is An Ireland' , was a wonder to behold.

Dave played 'Ask The Man' solo, and I actually thought I was gonna melt with that funny-tummy feeling when he started the outro section. I think that track really is one of the best things we've ever produced.

Whether or not 'The Management' proceed to offer us any more there, or whether the nature of the beast was just too confusing and scary, none of us are yet sure.
As always, we will just have to take a 'wait and see' approach. The set, and band for that matter, are still very much in development.

Another post soon.

L&P 'the freak' xx


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