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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ginger's Market Harbourer

Very happy indeed to report that further to my vocal gymnastics on the new [and fookin fantastic] Wildhearts album, I was invited over to assist in a Decent stylie, with the making of Ginger's latest solo project, to be titled 'Market Harbour'. [tho' I still think he should go with Harbourer, it's funnier]
The album is to be a companion record to the beautiful 'Yoni' which is currently being re-mastered, so that the pair can go out as a box set. Big Jase [Wolfsbane] was also present [and correct] and so 'the happy trio' found themselves together once again.

For yea and verily these tunes are mighty, and worth more than just the gelt in someone's pockets. They have love, passion and pride, and a dedication sadly missing from most modern popular music.

By the way people still looking for the 'Howlin'Willie' album; World Of Filth mentioned in the previous post 'Other News' from June '06 as 'the happy trio's' first collaborative effort can click the album title for the Amazon page.

"There's dirty work afoot, in fact it's a bit more than a foot!"
L&P 'the freak' xx


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