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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some Gigs Including The E's!

Hi y'all
Temp Page for TSDB is here

Some gigs:

Ginger is doing a 3 piece gig on Sat March 1st at The Marrs Bar it's in Worcester UK.
It's just Ging, Jase and Random Jon.
Rumour of the strongest kind has it that Dick Decent may accompany them on some percussion and ancillary vocals, without the aid of a rehearsal, or indeed safety net. A pint or nine may be drunken, combustible the skunken.

The Fabulous E Numbers are doing a couple, one on home soil, the other firmly behind enemy lines. My missing cowden goes to prove that!

Fri March 7th @ THE ROADHOUSE
Sat March 8th @ The Flower Pot

[Roadhouse is still on tho']

and ...
The Facez are doing an out of towner here in case you're up around Leeds UK on the 12th March.

News of the Lep gigs and a dedicated TSDB page as and when.

Fantastic to be doing a couple of E Numbers gigs after our completely mind-blowing Xmas eve performance in 2007... waheeeyyyy!

Keep yer powder dry, see ya down the Roadhouse!

the freak xxx


Monday, February 11, 2008

Sorry... but Here's a message :o)

Hello all and everybody-peeps
some news;

1. Sara is well on the mend and taking up her regular duties gradually.
This gives me two minutes to write a post here.

2. I wanna forget 2007 as quickly as possible...
here goes....
Well that's that out of the way!

3. We [The Maniac] have come back off the road for obvious reasons.. but during all the trials and trepidations, the Pie and myself managed to write a modern Opera!

It's called 'The Stars Dance Bright' and we are VERY excited about the tunes and screenplay.

There is now a decent pie MySpace page where U can hear a cpl of the tunes from TSDB and some other stuff... to go there click here

Hopefully soon I will be able to direct you to a dedicated URL for TSDB.
I'll post it as soon as I have it.

Been working with Ging [Wildhearts] again... [mmmnnn lovely biscuits]
And just done some keys/piano/Hammond on a new DefLep single...
may be touring with them on the UK leg to play a tune or two... but not confirmed.
[depends on their setlist more than anything]

Will post more about this and other fascinating facts as and when I know myself.

Keep the faith

We Love You In The World

the freak xxx