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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gigs Akimbo

Soapstone's most loyal fan, and an E Number to boot,
Drinks with an old friend 'round the table at the last Maniac gig:

Been busy, but mostly with my students and studio rather than live work at this time of the year. A few gigs to be going on wif tho'

Mainly Facez and Maniac, but look out for the odd E Numbers Re-union,
We've been doing about four gigs a year, the next one is listed below.

Upcoming Gigs:

Fri 30th March: Rock Cafe, Stourbridge.
Fri 13th April: The Diamond, Sutton In Ashfield.
Sun 6th May: The Shepwell, Shepwell Green, West Midlands.
Thurs 10th may: The Sands, Lincolnshire.

Soapstone Maniac
Wed 4th April: The Roadhouse, Birmingham.
Fri 20th April: The Bush Inn, Dudley.
Wed 16th May: The Roadhouse Birmingham.

and on Fri 15th June this year The Fabulous E Numbers
are playing a re-union quarterley at The Roadhouse



Bertie is in Portugal apparently, more news as and when. xx DD

Stay inspired till then.

the freak xx


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