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Monday, November 06, 2006

Ain't Got Time To Poop

It must be 'The Quickening' or something.
I don't seem to have had the time to get any real work done this month.
Just odds and sods, temporary measures and people still waiting for the cheques to clear.

The Maniac gig at The Roadhouse was goooood. It was heavy, fun and enlightening.
Now that we are getting to grips with the band a little ourselves, we are determined to bring it's full might and glory to bear on future gigs. We are secretly preparing, deep in the bowels of The Jewellery Quarter, to explode back onto the stage for a re-match there on the last Wed of the month.

There are lots of other gigs taking place in November too, so I am going to keep this post short and will write a longer piece at the end of the month telling you all the gossip and how things have gone.

Meanwhile, here is the obligatory list.

BTW Brett, Ximinez, Apex... if you're reading this -don't worry I am going to link to all your sites on the next post....
Right now I just haven't got the time!!

Upcoming Gigs:

Thurs 16th Nov JST @ Millers Nottingham UK
Fri 17th Nov JST @ The Roadhouse Cotteridge West Mids UK
Sat 25 Nov JST @ The Adam and Eve in Birmingham Centre UK

Wed 29th Nov Soapstone Maniac @ The Roadhouse Cotteridge West Mids UK

Thurs 30th Nov The Facez @ The Thorns Inn Brierley Hill West Mids UK


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